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    Regeneration after surgery

    Already 525 € / person / package

    Post-surgery treatments to reduce pain after traumatology and orthopedic surgeries, to regain fitness as soon as possible and to reduce pain and prevent the formation of any adhesions after complicated surgeries.

    7 days treatments
    Chronic vascular diseases of lower limbs

    Already 543 € / person / package

    This cure package – based on the mofetta (dry carbon-dioxide gas, the phenomenon of Mátra) treatment – is effective in case of lower extremity complaints, causing mobility impairment, heavy-feet feeling and pain.

    7 days treatments
    Rehabilitation of degenerative disc and joint diseases

    Already 585 € / person / package

    The aim of this complete program of physical therapy is to reduce osteoarthritis-related knee, hip and shoulder pain and to improve the walking ability with specific exercises.

    7 days treatments

What is mofetta?

This unique phenomenon of nature that is known in the professional terminology as “mofetta” or “dry bath” is a peculiarity of our hotel. (Mofetta = carbon dioxide dry bath, which means that the pool is filled with carbon dioxide, and this is where the patient shall go to, and as a matter of fact the patient shall sit in the carbon dioxide medical gas reaching up to his/her chest.) Attached to volcanic activity, a mofetta is a gas vapour bursting to the surface from the depth of nearly a thousand meters. The word “mofetta” originates from the Latin word “mephitis”, which means “putrescent exhalation” and refers to the gas’ composition and its volcanic origin.


Opening hours

Opening hours

Monday to Friday on workdays:
10 - 14 June 2024: between 09.00 - 15.00.
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays:

How is mofetta used to theraphy?

The treatment is performed under professional supervision - blood pressure measurements are carried out before and after each treatment - therefore no accident may occur. Characteristic phenomena occurring while taking this gas-bath are warmness sensation, flushing and perspiration.



  • peripheral arterial disorders
  • cardiac muscle disorders
  • peripheral venous and lymphatic circulatory disorders
  • vascular disorders associated with diabetes
  • Raynaud’s syndrome
  • slothfully healing ulcers on the extremities
  • chronic locomotor disorders


  • cardiac insufficiency
  • pulmonary and systemic decompensation
  • severe respiratory insufficiency
  • severe arrhythmia
  • angina pectoris
  • acute myocardial infarction and 3 months after an AMI
  • untreated hypertension