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Medical packages

The effectiveness of our medical packages is guaranteed by the highly skilled doctors of the famous Parádfürdő State Hospital. An outstanding example of the medical treatment packages is the gynecological treatment, which is suitable for the treatment of infertility and other gynecological diseases.

Gynecological treatments

Already 678 € / person / package

A complex 6-day package of gynacological treatments using the unique Parádfürdő alum medicinal water. We proudly announce that by using our fertility treatment package we could help many families in childbirth.

Regeneration after surgery

Already 507 € / person / package

Post-surgery treatments to reduce pain after traumatology and orthopedic surgeries, to regain fitness as soon as possible and to reduce pain and prevent the formation of any adhesions after complicated surgeries.

Rehabilitation of degenerative disc and joint diseases

Already 525 € / person / package

The aim of this complete program of physical therapy is to reduce osteoarthritis-related knee, hip and shoulder pain and to improve the walking ability. Our physical therapist will apply specific exercises to improve movement in the joints and muscles of your spine.

Chronic vascular diseases of lower limbs

Already 522 € / person / package

This cure package – based on the mofetta (dry carbon-dioxide gas) treatment – is effective in case of lower extremity complaints, causing mobility impairment, heavy-feet feeling and pain.

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