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  • DI
    2017. 06. 12. 00:00
    I'm glad I was here. After the 8th – 9th mofetta treatment, I experienced the improvement step by step. The circulatory disorders in my leg were gone. (Does not freeze.) During the treatments, we had a family atmosphere with pleasant conversations. We received exhaustive information about the hotel and its services, as well as about the healing effects of mofetta from a specialist (Marika). In addition, she gave us authentic information with the patriot's eyes and love about the local historical sights, the present and the past of the settlement. His courtesy and kindness made the time spent here very pleasant. I am leaving with a good feeling, in a satisfactory condition, I will happily return within our possibilities.
  • KB
    2011. 10. 09. 00:00
    We spent very nice and pleasant days at the Erzsébet Park Hotel, where we had mofetta treatments for therapeutic purposes. During the treatments, Marika was always kind and helpful and ready to help us. As a result of the treatments, we move more easily, we are less cold, and hope to see further effects during the winter.