Parádfürdő State Hospital

The Erzsébet Park Hotel*** is located in the immediate vicinity of the famous Parádfürdő State Hospital, thus making the medical collaboration smooth between the hospital and our hotel.

Parádfürdői has a domestic and international reputation of a healing resort, because of the beautiful location, the unique climate and the local medicinal waters suitable for drinking and bathing cures. The name of Parád as a scene of medication was first mentioned in 1730. There are three different types of great medicinal water springs in this valley:

Drinking mineral sulfurous waters improves digestions. This water has a mild laxative effect and it also plays a role in the detoxification function of the liver.

The Parádfürdő State Hospital is specialized in four main treatment groups:

The management and the doctors of the hospital put a strong emphasis on personal care and professional attitude.

If you want...

...then you have to come and visit Parádfürdő!

Book one of our 7- or 14-day medical packages and come to Erzsébet Park Hotel in Parádfürdő.